Teaching Philososphy

Courses currently taught:

PPL 377 Geographies of Conservatism Syllabus

PPL 388 Policies of the European Union. Syllabus

PPL 328 Public Policy and the Corporation. Syllabus

PPL 329 Economic Geographies of Globalization. Syllabus

PPL 330 Border Policies: the Global Dimension. Syllabus


I advise honors theses in the areas of political geography, economic geography, and international implications of public policy decisions. Samples can be found at the UM Honors College Thesis Repository 

Sample titles include: 

Vinod Kannuthurai, Understanding Uneven development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Ikka Malmi, Changing Public Perception of the Schengen Agreement
Christopher (Max) Nard, A Pragmatic Justification for Uber
Sarah Hearn, The evolution of trade and labor laws in China, 1970-2016
Megan Krynen, Italian immigration crisis
Mallie Imbler, Reducing the education gap in Mississippi

Teaching Philosophy

​My primary teaching interest is in the areas of regional economic/social development, political and economic governance, international political economy and institutional change. To know more, here is my Statement of Teaching Philosophy